My first perfume was revealed to me through a dream that I had of Bianca Cappello, a beautiful noble women, first lover and later wife of The Grand Duke Francesco I de’Medici. This dream appeared to me as my family and I were about to move into the historic residence, and what was once Bianca’s home Villa la Tana.

The Renaissance (I would say formal gardens) gardens of the Villa are the most magnificent places one can imagine. They embrace beautiful notes of all kind giving to each angle its own olfactory identity.

One day walking farther then I often do, I discovered many places with historical traces. A hidden theatre, stone tables under hiding magnolias, walls covered with jasmine appear in the middle of a forest.

As I strolled along the ancient paths I began to think that besides Bianca and Francesco, these gardens, more than 600 hundreds years old, have witnessed many love stories.

The creation of my fragrances are dedicated to these beautiful unknown love stories that are lost in the past but have left traces of the magic essence of their existence at Villa la Tana.

Simone Cosac