The Past Inspires The Present

Atelier Cosac

Simone Cosac Profumi is an exclusive Italian company selling luxurious fragrances based on the true love story between Bianca Cappello and Grand Duke Francesco I de’ Medici during the Renaissance period.

The company was founded by Simone Cosac in 2008 in the medicean villa Francesco gave to Bianca and where Simone and her family now live. The brand was literally born out of a dream that led Simone through a beautiful olfactory journey in her Renaissance garden by Bianca, where she relayed to Simone the memorable notes for the creation of her first perfume, Perle di Bianca.

Simone Cosac Profumi celebrates the elaborate and timeless elements of femininity through the art of Renaissance perfumery. Housed in exquisite packaging, both the Body and the Home line of products make every woman feel like true royalty.