"A White Hat of 2014", this is the image CONCEPT designed by the florentine stylist Filippo Lapi who led the production of the new 2014 adv campaign for Simone Cosac.

An exceptional cast that saw leading names in the Italian fashion scene portrayed a beautiful woman immersed in a totally dedicated environment of luxury and exclusivity.

The world-renowned photographer Leonardo Begliere and make-up artist Constance Scornaienchi have created a real Florence dream.


Two women, two creative businesswoman in Florence that allow to spread the made ​​in Italy luxury all over the world. An harmony of sounds came between Simone Cosac and Patrizia Garganti.

The florentine and creative Patrizia Garganti, now known throughout the world for its chandeliers has set up the "heart" of Villa Tana's Italian garden, home of the Simone Cosac perfumes, with a valuable installation around which worked the direction for the new Simone Cosac commercial.

A room without walls built by the softness of white curtains and a cascade made by deconstructed crystals of a framed chandelier enjoy a living room with one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world: the city of Florence.


The Lebanese fashion designer Georges Hobeika dress the beautiful model Lucy (Focus Model Management-Bratislava), the face of the new Simone Cosac photo campaign. The High fashion meets the world of Italian luxury perfumes.

The femininity and sensuality of the designer's creations have extolled the sophisticated image of a princess in her italian home.